Top Channel destroying bicentenary olive trees with bulldosers

Top Channel destroying bicentenary olive trees with bulldozers....

Today, on the 16 June 2009, around 9:00 am, bringing along a bulldozer and other equipment, Top Channel with the support of Jori Security (under contract simultaneously with Albafilm Ministry of Culture and Top Channel), without a construction or environment permit, started the macabre destruction of the trees and bicentenary olives in the premises of Kinostudio, at the ex-film lab building next to Marubi Academy.

This act was perpetrated, based on a Decision of the Council of Ministers which doesn’t permit constructions, but just the rent of existent surfaces specifying the obligation of not changing the destination of the existing objects land and building, and on a surrounding permit signed by Tirana’s Mayor and Chief of Opposition Edi Rama.

Despite the AFMM, civil society protest continuing from 120 Days, sometimes violently oppressed by and under the eyes of indifferent State and private police, the murdering of the trees, along with the vanishing of green spaces and the unicentrist betonisation, is today an aggressive cancer attacking every healthy cell of Albanian Citizens.


Today we can unanimously state, we passed from the bunker era to the concrete one.

But the Kinostudio is the historical place where Albanian collective memory was produced and stored. As such it can’t be the place of the contemporary concrete construction, same as the National Theatre and everything around it with the 2001 failed attempt of skyscraper concrete “modernization”.

Forgetting that it is a national necessity, the preservation and the care of “national memory” and of its representing institutions. One day we’ll have to show what we created and produced in this spot, it is today possible that only legends and myths remain as a witness.

AFMM was born in this territory as a continuation of this mission, that’s why we are on our right to preserve our academic facilities, as well as the destination of a space of European Emancipation of our country.

No citizen shall be subjected anymore to betonisation that is cutting the life’s breath, and should seek to meet all the rights of living standards:

dignity, clean air and not dust or cancer smog, non polluted water, where you see green spaces and not sad concrete, and when this ostensible citizen goes in his luxury apartment, will not feel bad by breathing the disgusting air of this city.

Pushed by those alarming destruction acts against the environment and its values, after alerting the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Interior, the Tirana City Hall, the Construction Inspectorate, the Municipal Police, receiving for only answer the silence, as only silence we received during the 120 days of siege along with State Police violence, the private security and especially the total INDIFFERENCE of the cultural public institutions as National Film Center, the Institute of Cultural Monuments and the Albanian Film Archive, located just a few meters where the physical violence and the environmental massacre, citizens, civil society representatives, university members of the Albanian Universities Consortium, representatives of the Albanian Filmmaker Association Lumière, and representatives of the legitimate land owners the Hysa family, will protest tomorrow 17 June 2009, at 10:00 am in front of the Tirana City Hall.

AFMM Public Relations Office


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